Design Consulting

I’ve been doing user experience design consulting for more than 15 years now. My time has been split between working for my own clients and doing work for large scale design agencies.


Consulting Expertise

User experience design is the title I normally work under, but through the course of my career I’ve dipped into graphic design, development, product management, project management, sales, and marketing. Software creation is a team sport, and having experience in the fields of my collaborators helps me understand their needs.


I’ve helped a wide variety of clients at this point, and it’s given me the ability to quickly jump into a new organization, understand their needs, understand their user’s need, and start contributing.

My Client

Agencies I’ve Worked With

Collaborating with big agencies is a nice change of pace from working directly with my own clients. Having the support system that a big agency provides lets me focus on the design process.

Agencies I've worked With