I was a design executive for a mobile security company in Chicago called NowSecure. I built out a team of extremely talented designers that supported a suite of multi-platform products.

Hiring the Design Team

When I joined NowSecure (it was called viaForensics at the time), there were no staff designers. I set to work recruiting a team. Between us we had experts in interaction design, design research, art direction, product design, illustration, and animation. Our team collaborated closely with the executive, product management, engineering, and marketing teams.

NowSecure Team

Renaming the Company

As we were getting ready to take series A funding, I became concerned that the company’s existing name, viaForensics, didn’t match the new products the company was building. I thought it would be difficult to rename the company after the publicity surrounding the $12.6M funding round. I worked on convincing the CEO to let me take a shot at renaming.

NowSecure Name Change

Rebranding the Company

With a new name decided on, I started working with an amazing Chicago design studio, BBG, to create a new brand system.

In addition to the standard components of a brand system, BBG provided us with a fully custom icon set, an illustration system, photo treatments, instructions for taking employee portraits, marketing document templates, slides presentation templates, event banners, business cards, clothing designs.

NowSecure Styleguide

Building the Design System

Our internal team took the beautiful branding provided by BBG and got to work building out a full digital design system. We worked closely with our front end web developers to create

NowSecure Design System

NowSecure Design System

NowSecure Design System

Building the products

Our designers worked on cross functional teams to build the NowSecure products. We applied the design system to mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, and web marketing sites.

NowSecure Mobile Products

The NowSecure mobile apps helped iOS, Android, and Blackberry users keep their devices more secure.

NowSecure Lab Products

The NowSecure Lab product line helped software developers to find and fix security vulnerabilities in the mobile apps they were developing.